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Immediately Actionable. Completely Confidential.


The best way to get a sense of how it is to take the survey as a respondent is by taking it yourself. It gives you instant results which will help you to understand your own wellbeing. The Wellbeing Profiler helps you measure, understand and improve mental health with a simple online survey.

The Wellbeing Profiler is built on six psychometric scales aiming to measure different aspects of mental health. With a total of 104 questions, The Wellbeing Profiler will take you aprox 20-25 minutes to complete. When all questions are answered, you will find the results presented on the screen. This result can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

We will also provide you with individualised guides, tools and activities that corresponds with your specific result in order to support and improve your mental health. These science-based exercises will explore fundamental aspects of positive psychology including strengths, values and self-compassion and will give you the tools to enhance your psychological wellbeing.

If you buy our team package, you can supercharge the wellbeing of your workplace by measuring the levels of mental health at the “me,” “we,” & “us” levels. For teams and organisations, The Wellbeing Profiler is a valuable tool for managers and team leaders to track progress on wellbeing initiatives, focusing resources for greatest impact. 

How it works: Tjänster
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